Oceanus Ultimate

ROV system
A no-compromise ROV solution - available December 1st, 2020

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System Overview
MarineNav's Oceanus Ultimate ROV system, features a unique eight vectorized thruster configuration enabling a range of motion rarely seen in ROV systems including sustained submersible pitch and roll manoeuvrability. Pitching the nose of the ROV forward or back greatly enhances the ROVs ability to effectively use onboard camera systems, manipulator arms, sonar systems, and other attachments, and roll manoeuvrability allows for effective navigating of restrictive areas and Auto Stabilize functionality locks the ROV's current position when optimum ROV positioning is critical during dive missions.

Built-in ROV autopilot feature follows pre-set vector-based mapping waypoints measured against collected DVL data. Developed for semi-autonomous ROV flight, the standard autopilot feature incorporates complex GPS and DVL technologies with a simple vector-based mapping interface to create ROV flight missions that are faithfully executed by the ROV system.

Standard features include: