Oceanus Fleet Overview


MarineNav has applied 15+ years of expertise and experience developing marine displays, computers and software to create the worlds leading inspection-class ROV lineup.

ROVs have quickly become essential to the daily operations of international marine-sector commercial businesses and government agencies. With a reputation as a leading provider of inspection class ROVs, our Oceanus fleets are performing off-shore inspections in Singapore, monitoring aquaculture fish stocks in Norway, working for the Canadian Coast Guard, providing crucial dive missions in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, and conducting critical off-shore oil and gas platform inspections off the coasts of the United Kingdom.

There's a MarineNav Oceanus ROV system suited for your marine-sector industry.



Mil-Spec options available. Contact us for current pricing, specifications and availability.



Portable, mission-ready ROVs that can be set up and deployed within minutes by a single person.

Fully assembled ROV system components are delivered in portable, waterproof cases easily wheeled or carried by a single individual. Connection of ROV components to easily identifiable connection ports and quick computer boot-up sequences minimizes set-up time for ROV deployment.

All ROV systems include comprehensive operator manuals, which will have you familiarized with and piloting your MarineNav ROV quickly.


ROV chassis is manufactured from anodized metal. Independently certified.

We incorporate proven marine-grade materials and components in all our ROV systems, including metalwork fabricated on-site from machine-milled marine-grade aluminum, protected by an anodized finish. Rigorous testing of all ROV components ensures our ROV systems withstand extensive use in the harshest conditions. MarineNav ROV systems are independently certified to a standard depth of 300 meters.

(Optional system upgrades allow some MarineNav ROVs to dive to a maximum depth of 400 meters. Contact us for details).


Rugged carbon fiber construction, Vectorized thrusters design & ROV power to spare.

With a minimum of six powerful vectorized thruster engines generating up to 6 knots of speed, Oceanus ROV systems provide top-of-class speed and lift capabilities, and lateral axis ROV movement is standard.

The carbon fibre thruster assembly makes these extremely durable, especially in ice-cold water. Unlike typical plastic thrusters, our thrusters withstand drops, dirt, scrapes, and bumps.

(ROV maximum speeds vary dependent upon the class of Oceanus ROV and the addition of ROV accessories).


Power over tether design.

MarineNav ROV tether provides communications, streaming video and a pair of independent auxiliary conductors for compatible ROV accessory use with no noticeable electrical interruption or video lag tested to tether lengths of 500 meters. MarineNav neutrally buoyant ROV tether is made from regionally sourced and fabricated components and is available as measured or custom-cut tether lengths.

Pair your ROV tether with a MarineNav tether deployment system. Our tether deployment reels can accommodate tether lengths measuring up to 600 meters.

(Contact us for details.)


Streaming 1080P HD video feed & Full +/- 180° tilt camera gimbal on Pro and Ultimate ROVs.

Protected by side bumpers and a resilient acrylic front-facing dome, the 1080P high-definition camera captures real-time streaming video and stunning still images. A redesigned camera gimbal system enables full +/- 180° tilt control and a 120° field of view via the Oceanus Pro and Ultimate ROV systems onboard front-facing camera system. The Oceanus Mini camera Gimbal provides +/- 120° Pitch (vertical rotation) and a 120° field of view.

Streaming video is viewed on the Topside Control Case's 18.5-inch TFT active matrix widescreen video display, while the HDMI out port allows for connection to another HD display.


Responsive ROV hand controllers, Rugged topside ROV control hub & Touch-sensitive software.

Flying an Oceanus ROV is easy (even with no previous experience) when using our ROV handheld controllers and integrated Flight Control System (FCS) software. A hand-held Hall-effect joystick controller provides precise ROV piloting and access to many ROV functions, while intuitive touch-sensitive proprietary FCS software viewed on a dedicated 10.1" touch-sensitive topside display enables pilots to access crucial ROV data modules, allowing changes to ROV functions and flight behaviour on the fly.


Increased ROV functionality with MarineNav designed, and third-party ROV attachments.

MarineNav produces a range of ROV accessories designed to perform task-specific functions crucial to the success of your dive mission. Our in-house design team will work with you to develop a bespoke attachment for your required need.

MarineNav ROV systems are compatible with many popular third-party brand ROV attachments. Contact us for information regarding third-party ROV accessories or any proprietary MarineNav ROV attachments.



Oceanus Mini Lite ROV
Our most affordable ROV system

An entry-level ROV system complete with ROV, a topside power source with a built-in PC tablet ROV controller.


Oceanus Mini ROV
Cost-efficient and powerful

A small-scale inspection class ROV system ideal for dive missions in restricted quarters.


Oceanus Pro ROV
Our most popular ROV system

A mission-ready ROV system for deep-dive recovery, defence, scientific research, and complex inspection tasks.


Oceanus Ultimate ROV
A no-compromise ROV solution

An elite-level ROV featuring an eight-vectorized thruster design providing ultimate power and maneuverability when it’s needed most.


JUNE 2019
Depth testing of the Oceanus Pro ROV (standard ROV )
In a controlled, pressurized environment, independently conducted stress tests simulated operating depths of 100 and 300 meters (328 and 985 ft). In test periods lasting 60 minutes, the Oceanus ROV demonstrated the ability to withstand applied pressures without leaks or apparent damage. Download 300m test certification

JUNE 2020
Depth testing of the Oceanus Pro ROV (with optional system upgrade)
In a controlled, pressurized environment, independently conducted stress tests simulated operating depths of 100 and 400 meters (328 and 1312 ft). In test periods lasting 60 minutes, the Oceanus ROV demonstrated the ability to withstand applied pressures without leaks or apparent damage. Download 400m test certification


All tests were conducted at Innovation Maritime’s workshop. Samuel Desgagné, mechanical engineering tech., was the pressure vessel operator under the supervision of Patrick Fortier-Denis, a professional engineer.


Our guarantee ensures your Oceanus ROV system is protected beyond your initial purchase date.

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Email: info@raiseinnovations.com


    When purchasing an Oceanus ROV system, our customers are entitled to a comprehensive maintenance service package free of charge. (1)


    MarineNav provides full coverage, for a period of twelve months, of any design or structural enhancements to any component of your ROV purchase. This includes the ROV, topside control case and MarineNav manufactured attachments. (2)


    MarineNav will provide ROV system software upgrades free of charge of our proprietary Flight Control Software over the normal operating lifespan of your purchased ROV system. (3)

Terms and Conditions

All MarineNav ROV systems are protected by a 2-year limited warranty*

*Register your MarineNav Oceanus ROV system within the first year of purchase to activate the warranty. Adhere to regularly scheduled ROV maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer for the product warranty to remain valid. Some restrictions apply;

a) MarineNav Ltd warrants that tether supplied with ROV systems or supplied separately will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of ninety (90) days from date of shipment.

b) MarineNav Ltd warrants that tether whips provided as part of an ROV system at time of original shipment will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of six (6) months from date of shipment.

c) MarineNav Ltd warrants that thruster motors provided as part of an ROV system at time of original shipment will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of one (1) year from date of shipment. This does not include wearable parts such as propellers, which are considered a consumable item. Tampering, misuse and regular wear are not covered by warranties.

d) MarineNav Ltd warranties exclude corrosion that may occur on ROV metallic parts caused in part by improper cleaning and storage of ROV after each mission. Refer to your owner’s manual for proper cleaning and maintenance of your ROV system.

MarineNav Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Our certified Quality Management System ensures that each unit we produce adheres to the strictest standards and complies with customer requirements. While we strive to ensure the accuracy of all items and descriptions in this document, this is not always possible. Specifications, options, and availability are subject to change without notice. Errors and omissions excepted. We reserve the right to limit quantities.

Peace of Mind Guarantee Terms and Conditions

(1) To qualify for the free comprehensive system maintenance program, ROV customer must ship their Oceanus ROV to a MarineNav-certified service center within the first 25 operational hours. ROV operational hour count recorded and saved to the Oceanus ROV operating system. The customer is responsible for payment of shipping costs to and from a MarineNav-certified service center.

(2) MarineNav will replace any hardware components on your ROV which have been upgraded or enhanced within your 12-month period of ownership. The 12-month period begins when the shipment is received based on the shipment tracking number. The upgrades occur during your ROV's scheduled routine maintenance at a certified MarineNav service center.

(3) Lifetime software updates require customers to have both reliable internet and telephone connections. The software updates are done remotely by our in-house computer technicians. A phone call is requested to assist the customer through simple steps in connecting the ROV to allow remote access.