AUV Sonar System

AUV Sonar System




Capable of wide-beam scans, MarineNav's AUV sonar system serves as a perfect complement to your ROV fleet, replacing the need for destructive bottom dredging or expensive dive teams. MarineNav wide-beam scan sonar systems are ideal for preliminary assessment of potential target areas capturing anomalies that can be reviewed and marked with geo-markers for future ROV exploration.

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Contact us for estimated release date and information of the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle sonar system.

MarineNav's Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) is a tether less self-propelled battery-powered autonomous underwater vehicle designed using modular construction. Modular construction provides users complete control over payloads and AUV runtime based upon dive specific needs. A topside control unit allows users to load pre-recorded GPS waypoint coordinates, or enter your own coordinates to a touch-sensitive user interface screen to create autonomous flight paths. Optional payload modules and accessories available.

MarineNav's AUV includes these features

  • Modular design. Constructed from lightweight marine-grade materials

    Manufactured from lightweight marine-grade materials, the modular design of the AUV system allows users the ease of transporting the system without excess bulk or weight. All system components are protected by IP-rated hardshell cases.

  • Customized payload modules for mission-specific tasks

    AUV modules can be fitted with various payloads to perform dive-specific tasks, Perform Bathymetric sonar surveys, or do side-scan surveys. Record video and save photographic images to large onboard hard drives. Conduct water quality measuring and scientific data collection.

  • Battery operated for fully autonomous flights

    Extend dive times by customizing AUV payload modules with higher capacity batteries and with the option of tethering your AUV to a topside power source run surface or close to vessel flights independent of battery lifespan.

  • Outfitted with powerful navigation and flight sensors

    System fitted with DVL (Doppler Velocity Log) Industrial INS (Inertial Navigation System) Industrial IMU and heading sensors.

  • Multiple thrusters for responsive autonomous flight

    The AUV is outfitted with a minimum of five powerful thrusters. Two thrusters control AUV depth, two thrusters control lateral movement and a fifth larger thruster (located behind the AUV tail), controls forward and reverse momentum.

  • Programme AUV with flight waypoints or flight transects

    Create autonomous flight patterns by inputting waypoints or points of interest through a touch-sensitive interface, or upload transects or survey grid patterns to allow for controlled sweeps over larger areas.

  • Optional sensors enhance the performance of your AUV

    Possible optional sensors include; USBL positioning sensors and altimeter sensors. Speak to MarineNav about the possibilities.

  • Optional USBL Positioning

    (Ultra Short Base Line can be powered from the AUV or independently on a battery to help track the location of the AUV).

  • Topside GPS mast

    Minimize AUV position drift, the AUV surfaces to lock onto the GPS signal before submerging again.

  • Optional WIFI broadcasting

    Surface the AUV and stream live data to the control topside or offload data without the need of retrieving the AUV system.

Terms and conditions

*MarineNav-built sonars are protected by a one-year limited warranty upon registering the product within the first 3 months of purchase. The one-year warranty extends to all components manufactured by MarineNav. Third-party multi-function displays and other third-party components are not protected by MarineNav warranties. Consult third-party manufacturers' websites for warranty terms and conditions. Other conditions apply.

x While we strive to ensure the accuracy of all items and descriptions in this document, this is not always possible. Specifications, options, pricing and availability are subject to change without notice. Errors and omissions excepted. We reserve the right to limit quantities.