Mobile Mapping - Land

Mobile Mapping - Land

SABRE-Scan Mobile Mapping LiDAR is used for survey during the development of road infrastructure.

Mobile mapping with SABRE-Scan can be carried out from the safety of the vehicle.

Applications include Urban Planning, City Mapping and many more. Please enquire for a comprehensive list.

Data capture is up to 1 million points per second which generates high resolution 3D Point Clouds. The laser scanner utilised with the SABRE-Scan is offset at 30 degrees from vertical for improved capture of vertical objects.

Quary Truck

Benefits of Mobile Mapping
  • Rapidly Survey Large Areas / opening up new opportunities
  • Effective and Efficient 3D Data Collection
  • Provides accurate and measurable 3D information
  • Risk Reduction: Increased safety by survey from the security of a vehicle
  • High-Resolution: Detailed 3D Point Cloud data facilitates precise information extraction
  • Ground / Marine / Airborne: Easy and Flexible Deployment

Mobile Mapping Data Complimented with Georeferenced Imagery
17 Westhill

Mobile Mapping with Ladybug 360° Camera
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